Tommy Hirvonen

However, the health of students being the obvious main priority, many events have been postponed or cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Without student events, many of us might feel like there isn’t as much to look forward to, as singing together hand-in-hand at Sits or dancing at an Annual Ball afterparty tends to be more memorable than writing a 2000-word research paper alone at home.

In my opinion, these events are necessary in the life of a student – we all want to live these years to the fullest while maintaining an optimal balance. So, how can we navigate through these times? 

Many student organizations naturally weren’t prepared for a global pandemic setting new guidelines and changing the norms of organizing events, and are now facing a challenge like never before. Fortunately, adaption is already taking place as student organizations around the country are coming up with various safe and creative ways to organize events. For example, instead of potentially exposing dozens of students to the virus at the same venue, events like Sits and Annual Balls have been arranged in smaller groups, which are then connected via online video platforms. Furthermore, some events, such as info nights, have been fully transferred online, whereas some are organized following strict safety guidelines maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and more careful tracking.  

As the lack of events can have a negative impact to the mental well-being of students, it is crucial that we keep finding new and innovative ways to bring the students together while prioritizing their health. 

Although student organizations and clubs are coming up with ideas for organizing events, there is still a lot of adapting to do. Simply cancelling these events can for example lead to some important traditions not being passed forward. We must find new, safer solutions and traditions to give us the opportunity to live the student life we deserve. Luckily, with the intelligence and creativity that students around Finland possess, I am convinced that we will be able to come out of this pandemic as winners. 

Tommy Hirvonen
Corporate Relations & Vice President, Probba (the Student Association of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus)

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