Half of our members are directors or supervisors, so management development and support is vital for us.

Good supervisory work is the most important resource for the success of a company, and also a source of well-being at work. We advocate for sustainable business and leadership and keep up to date on topical themes and trends in leadership.

Legal counsel for the representatives of the employer

Education and training

A leader is never ready. That is why we offer our members a versatile selection of training on the latest themes of leadership.

  • The Director training is a comprehensive programme on leadership coaching for anyone working as a supervisor or hoping to work as a supervisor in the future.
  • The School of Sales programme provides tailor-made training on sales leadership for our members at an affordable member price.
  • The Event Calendar will display events and training regarding leadership.

Supervisor coaching

Do you want to become a top professional in sales leadership?

Suomen Ekonomit and the Finnish Commerce Federation established the School of Sales in autumn 2020. The mission of the school is to raise sales competence and appreciation, and consequently Finland’s competitiveness and conditions for growth.

The School of Sales offers flexible learning opportunities for those already in working life and for future sales professionals just starting their careers. The courses are considerably less expensive than average market prices and the courses are available at member prices for the members of the Finnish Business School Graduates.

The School of Sales also organises tailored courses for sales directors.