If you are a member of your local student association, you are also automatically a student member of the Finnish Business School Graduates. You can take your student membership to the next level by purchasing the KylteriPlus package, which provides you with a set of additional benefits for only €25/year.

4+1 good reasons to purchase KylteriPlus 

  1. Find your way to working life with success. Are you concerned about finding work in your own field? With KylteriPlus, you have access to career coaching for students. The career coach can help you identify your areas of expertise and polish your CV and job application, for example.
  2. Educate yourself and follow quality media in Finnish. The free-of-charge student membership includes Kauppalehti Digi, but KylteriPlus also provides you with access to the Kauppalehti VIP package, which includes the print version of Kauppalehti as well as the Optio and Fakta magazines. Optio focuses on business and the economy, while Fakta is a specialised magazine on management.
  3. Cover your back with an insurance policy. If you work alongside your studies, you can cover your back with the liability and legal expenses insurance policy included in the package. Under certain terms and conditions, the insurance policy covers legal expenses, should you find yourself in a dispute with your employer.
  4. Learn new things and gain experiences. Events and training provide wide-ranging access to events and training courses.
  5. You only pay €25 a year, but gain more than a €1,000 worth of services and benefits.

Do this 

If you are not yet a student member: First become a student member.

If you are already a student member: Log in to the member service and purchase the KylteriPlus package quickly and easily.  

The €25 annual fee for KylteriPlus is paid upon purchase. After the payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If you do not receive the message, please check your spam folder. 

KylteriPlus will be in effect starting from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to change the content of the package at the beginning of the academic year.


Learn more about the benefits 

Personal career coaching for students  

The career coaching for students focuses on things that can best help you forge a path to a career that is meaningful to you. The themes covered by the coaching include identifying your own expertise, polishing your CV and job application, and preparing for a job interview.  

The career coaching for students includes a personal discussion with a career coach.  Use the appointment booking calendar to make a career coaching appointment.

Kauppalehti VIP and Talouselämä Digi

You will receive Kauppalehti VIP package and Talouselämä Digi throughout your KylteriPlus season. The VIP package is worth more than 600 euros. 

The VIP-package includes:  

  • the digital Kauppalehti magazine, which is updated around the clock (also included in the free student membership) 
  • the print version of Kauppalehti, which comes out every weekday. If you would like to switch from the print version of Kauppalehti to the digital version, you can do so through the member app.
  • the Optio magazine (only printed) on business and the economy  
  • the Fakta magazine (only printed) on management  

The digital version of the Kauppalehti provides you with quick access to a continuous news stream. The print magazine, which is a compilation of the essential events and news, comes out every weekday. Optio covers business, working life and leisure and comes out every other Thursday. Fakta provides tools and perspectives into management and comes out once a month. 

Talouselämä Digi contains all Talouselämä’s digital news content as well as the right to read visual magazines.

Liability and legal expenses insurance 

In working life, there will sometimes be situations where the employee and employer end up in a dispute that requires litigation. For this possible eventuality, KylteriPlus includes liability and legal expenses insurance. The policy covers all employed members who have purchased the KylteriPlus package, in matters regarding their own employment relationship or position.  

Disputes are of course mainly resolved through negotiation. Our lawyers will assist you in these situations, and legal advice is also included in the free student membership.  

Access to a wide range of national and local events  

You can participate in high-quality training courses and events organised throughout Finland. You gain information, deepen your understanding and hear about topical themes and development trends. At the same time, you have the opportunity to network with other business school graduates and students. 

KylteriPlus provides you with access to almost all virtual and live events organised by the Finnish Business School Graduates. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the events of local associations. Please note that a small portion of the events may be subject to a fee.   

You can find the topical events in the event calendar.

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