Member+ is a benefit service for members of Akava unions. The service inlcudes valuable benefits and services ranging from summer house rental to travel, free time activities, well-being and much more. The theme of the benefits changes every month.

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As a member, you will get a 20% discount from (only 4% service fee from the final amount, exclusive from vat). If you’re doing work you need to invoice but have no desire to start your own company, invoicing services might just be the choice for you. takes care of all the bureaucracy, such as taxes and insurance payments, for a small service fee. To get the discount, please contact customer service and provide them with your Ekonomi membership ID.

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A-lomat holiday service

A-lomat offers members of Akava unions and their families holiday and recreational services to support their well-being. A-lomat rents out summer houses and timeshares to Akava members.

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Tallink Silja and Club One

Tallink Silja and Club One welcome our members to Club One, directly at the Silver level of the loyalty programme. Silver level benefits include, among others, a 20% discount on certain full price products.

Join the Club One! Join with our contract benefit number 9057.