Good supervisor work is the most important resource for the success of a company or organization, and a source of workplace welfare. At the Finnish Association of Business Graduates, we promote sustainable business and sustainable management. One half of our economist members work as managers and supervisors, so the development of management and supervisor work is a particularly strong theme for us. In supervisor work, one is never finished; there is always room for development and for becoming a better manager.

What is a good supervisor like?

A good supervisor is humble and always ready to develop. He or she is able to give as well as receive feedback. Another characteristic of a good supervisor is strong interest in people and their management. He or she is impartial, consistent and clear, and treats people as individuals while still taking into account the organization as a whole. A good supervisor understands the organization’s strategy and is able to motivate people to act in accordance with it. He or she is able to steer operations into the desired direction and get results.

How do I develop as a supervisor?

There are many ways to develop in supervisor work. We organize various types of training and events for supervisors and those planning to become supervisors under a program called EkonomiEsimies. The best way to develop in supervisor work, however, is through practice, by managing people. This means you must be able to receive feedback and reflect on your own actions. You don’t need to be perfect, nor do you need to become perfect. You just need to be genuinely interested in and excited about management and have a desire to develop.

From expert to supervisor

Experts are often also made supervisors. When this happens, it’s important to note the change in your own role. You no longer need to have the best know-how in your own specific field, but your task is mainly to help others succeed at their jobs and steer them in the desired direction. This will highlight entirely new kinds of characteristics and skills.