KOKO – The Unemployment Fund for Highly Educated

Through the KOKO fund, you can insure yourself against unemployment. The KOKO fund pays earnings-related unemployment allowance in the event that members find themselves unemployed, laid off or working a shorter week.  Members who meet the terms and conditions for fund membership and employment are entitled to the allowance.

You can join the unemployment fund through the Finnish Business School Graduate’s member service

Join the KOKO fund during your studies

You can even join the unemployment fund during your studies to secure your income after graduation.

Entrepreneur, insure yourself in case of unemployment

The KOKO fund is an unemployment fund for wage-earners, whereas entrepreneurs can insure themselves through the SYT fund. You should find out about your fund membership options immediately upon starting your business.

If you are in paid employment and engage in part-time business activity, it is recommended that you join the KOKO fund. If you are a full-time entrepreneur, you cannot remain a member of the KOKO fund for longer than 18 months from the start of the business operations. Full-time entrepreneurs who have started their business activities should consider joining the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs to ensure uninterrupted income security.

Do you need advice?

Our lawyers are happy to provide advice related to the basics of unemployment security.

  • The lawyers are available on weekdays between 9 am and 12 noon without appointment at tel. +358 (0)20 693 205.
  • In non-urgent matters, you can instead make an appointment using our appointment booking calendar to have one of our lawyers call you at the designated time.

In more detailed questions, please contact the unemployment fund or Employment and Economic Development Office.