You can discuss with other business school graduate professionals whom you wouldn’t otherwise meet. We have fast-track mentors from the management to the expert level, in all typical professional fields and industries of business school graduates. We have career changers, work-life balancers, entrepreneurs, board professionals, recent graduates and seasoned experts.

Some of our fast-track mentors have recruitment experience so they can give you useful tips, based on experience, as to how to succeed in job seeking and job interviews.

According to our feedback survey, as many as 90% of our fast-track mentors are open to more contacts so it’s worth using this opportunity, whether you are a student, a recent graduate or a more experienced business school graduate professional.

You are likely to profit from fast-track mentoring when:

  • you’re thinking about the topic of your bachelor or master thesis
  • you’re thinking about your future career options
  • you want to know more about a specific field or industry
  • you want to have new insights with the help of career stories
  • you want to do better in job seeking and job interviews
  • you have some sensitive questions that you don’t want to ask as an employee or a job seeker
  • you want to have feedback on your skills and expertise and tips on how to develop them
  • you want to expand your networks

How to contact a fast-track mentor

Our career coach sends you a list of suitable fast-track mentors and further instructions as to how to contact them. Your details will not be submitted to the mentors. You can first examine their expertise and experience and only contact those who you think are the most suitable to your situation. 
Those who have signed up as fast-track mentors have agreed to meet their actor once, or to have a single telephone/Skype conversation with them.

You can contact the mentors by telephone, email or LinkedIn message. Tell them that you contact them in terms of fast-track mentoring and that you have received their contact details from the career coach of The Finnish Business School Graduates. Tell the mentor briefly about your situation and your wishes as regards the mentoring process. Prepare yourself to the actual mentoring conversation by drawing up further questions if needed. Be brave – these conversations are fully confidential!