A contract of employment, also for summer job, should be done in writing as it sets out the conditions of your employment relationship. If your employer does not offer the contract in writing, ask for it.

Oral or written contract?

An oral contract is valid, but in dispute, it may be difficult to prove things agreed upon orally. A written contract should include all the conditions of your employment relationship that have been agreed upon. The conditions of employment relationship are stipulated by law, collective agreements, your employment contract, established practice and the employer’s own instructions.

You can consult our employment contract template (at eLounge) online to see what the common employment contract clauses mean in practice.

Watch video about employment contract (in finnish)

Key elements of an employment contract

  • Pay, pay period and payment date
  • Job content and location of work
  • Contract starting date
  • Duration of temporary contract and the reason for its temporariness
  • Working hours and compensation of overtime
  • Compensation of travel time, travel costs and other costs incurred
  • Applicable collective agreement
  • Determination of annual leave, holiday pay and holiday bonus
  • Possible non-compete clause (NCC) and non-disclosure agreement (NCA)
  • Term of notice