Set a realistic salary requirement when looking for work

Acquire comprehensive reference data to set your salary requirement when you are looking for work. Often you are supposed to present your request already in your cover letter. Use all possible data of the industry pay level and the remuneration policy of your prospective employer to set your request.

To check the realistic range of your salary requirement, please consult our Salary Radar (in Member Service). Our career coaches support you in setting your salary requirement as well.

When you advance in your job seeking, you’ll sooner or later talk about your salary. You can justify your requirement by the complexity of your tasks, your engagement and experience.

Think about these before discussing your monthly salary

  • What are your personal targets in this particular position and how are they being followed?
  • What is your degree of independence and responsibility for results, whom do you report to?
  • What is your remuneration based on, what does it consist of?
  • What kind of bonus pay or result-based remuneration system the company has, if any?
  • What is your responsibility for results, what are your individual areas of responsibility, whom do you report to?
  • What else is included in your salary and working hours? Are your working hours monitored, can you use flexitime, are you compensated for travel time and overtime?
  • What kind of fringe benefits does your employer offer; a company car, telephone, meals, company health service?
  • Does your industry have a collective agreement for managerial employees? If not, you have to negotiate yourself all the issues usually included in them.

Think about the following if collective agreement does not apply

  • When and how often are pay rises given, and under which terms (e.g. every beginning of October as usual)?
  • Is it possible to receive supplemental pay?
  • Is overtime compensated?
  • What does possible fixed overtime compensation mean?
  • How many working hours is it supposed to correspond?
  • How often the amount of fixed overtime compensation is revised?
  • Is free time used for work-related travel compensated?
  • Are holiday bonuses paid?
  • What is the basis for parental leave compensation?
  • Can you take paid leave to take care of a sick child at home?