Child care leaves include child care leave for taking care of a child at home until the age of three, partial child care leave and temporary child care leave to take care of a sick child.

During child care leave you can look after your child at home

  • Employee has the right to take child care leave for looking after the child at home until his or her child, or another child residing permanently in the same household, turns three.
  • Either parent can take the leave but both parents cannot take child care leave at the same time. Child home care allowance is paid during the child care leave.
  • In addition, the municipality may pay a municipal supplement to the receiver of the child home care allowance.
  • The employee must inform the employer about the intended child care leave at the latest two months before its beginning.

Partial child care leave allows you to combine work and family responsibilities

  • Parent has the right to partial child care leave until the end of the child’s second year in compulsory school.
  • If the child participates in extended compulsory education, this right is extended until the end of the child’s third year in school.
  • Partial care allowance is paid for parents who shorten their working hours to look after a child.
  • Both parents may use their right to partial child care leave during the same calendar period but not at the same time.
  • The employer must be notified at least two months before the start of the partial child care leave.

Temporary child care leave to look after a sick child

Parents of children of less than 10 years of age may take temporary child care leave if the child suddenly falls ill. The maximum length is four working days to arrange the care of the child, per one period of illness.