LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for networking, customer acquisition and job seeking. You can find useful contacts, organisations, information and jobs, or be found yourself.

LinkedIn is essential in job seeking

Many employers and especially headhunters and recruitment consultants use LinkedIn on a daily basis to find suitable candidates for interesting positions. In addition, LinkedIn suggests you job openings, groups and people to follow, on the basis of your profile.

LinkedIn also multiplies your opportunities of finding, contacting and keeping in touch with prospective customers and potential cooperation partners.

Become an active LinkedIn user

LinkedIn benefits active users. The more you use LinkedIn, the larger your network becomes and the more often you update your profile, the easier the potential employer, customer or collaboration partner finds you. Make sure, right in the beginning, that you’ve got the basics right in your profile.

Expand your networks

  • Look for your professional acquiantances in LinkedIn and invite them to join your network. Whenever you meet new people, invite them in. Network also with headhunters and recruitment consultants.
  • Always use a personal message in your invitation, instead of LinkedIn’s standard message. Tell the recipient why do you ask him or her to join your network, e.g, where did you meet, what in his or her sayings or writings interests or inspires you, or just what kind of expertise you can offer and in what kind of a position you see yourself next.

Be active

  • Join professional groups to participate in debates in your professional field or areas of interest. Also company groups and job seeking groups work as networks and may provide you with useful information.
  • Follow interesting organisations to receive up-to-date information on their events in your newsfeed – Home.
  • Read and comment posts in your newsfeed, LinkedIn blogs and job ads – Jobs. You may find valuable information on current situations of prospective employers, customers and partners. You can often apply for jobs directly via LinkedIn and you also receive suggestions of other job openings found for you.

Jobs in LinkedIn

You can find jobs aimed at business school graduates in our LinkedIn group, under Jobs. We already have more than 14,000 members in our group. Join us to find the best business school graduate jobs and professional debates.

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