You can often get good ideas to your own profile from other profiles in your field of expertise. You can search for profiles in LinkedIn by key words of your choice. You can use, for example, job titles or some more general search terms.

From these profiles, you can also get ideas of how to update your own profile. Profiles vary on the basis of experience, industry and type of position. The following model profiles are genuine LinkedIn profiles and their holders have given us permission to use them as examples. They do not represent any ’perfect’ profiles but give us ideas of how to build an effective LinkedIn profile.

Examples of LinkedIn profiles:

If you cannot open the model profiles

You can see all example profiles provided that their holders are your direct connections, your connections’ connections, and that you’re signed in in LinkedIn.

If you don’t see the profiles, please check first that you’re signed in. If you still don’t see the profile of your choice, send an invitation to Arja Parpala, Career Coach of The Finnish Business School Graduates. When Arja has accepted your invitation, you’ll see all our model profiles.