LinkedIn is a largely standardised platform but you can still shape your profile in many ways. By adding content and style you can easily make it look more like an online portfolio than a profile. 

Headline and summary

The importance of headline cannot be emphasized enough – it, together with your picture and name, makes the first impression of you as an expert. Your summary tells, in brief, what your field of expertise is and even what your future goals are. Read more on how to draft an attractive headline and an outstanding summary.


Your picture is an essential part of your LinkedIn profile. It creates trust and makes you more approachable. Make sure that also your picture portrays you as a genuine expert.

Background image

Have you noticed that you can add a background image to your profile? So far, background images are not that widely used so it is an easy way to stand out. What kind of background would best support your skills and competencies?

URL address

Your default LinkedIn link is a random series of numbers and letters. You can clear up your address by clicking the rotary wheel next to the link (below your picture) and by giving a new, simpler identifier to your address at Your public profile URL. The most common identifier is

LinkedIn blog

LinkedIn has made blogging easier by introducing its own blogging platform. You can publish your posts by clicking Write an Article at Home page. Your blog posts will be published, if you so wish, below your profile picture.

Don’t hesitate to publish your first blog post. Comment an article on a topical issue in your professional field and publish your views with the relevant links as your first blog post.


You can add for example images, videos and presentations to your work experience and educational background. Have you made a captivating presentation of an interesting subject? Would you like to share the conclusions of your thesis to new audiences? What other content could you share to better communicate your expertise and to benefit others? Add these to your profile.

Skills & Endorsements

Skills section provides an immediate insight into the profile holder’s expertise. So take an active role in building this section. You can increase the recognition of your expertise by making sure that you only list those skills and competencies that support your profile. Skills can be added and removed anytime, and you can also change their order of appearance.


Build trust by asking and giving recommendations. A written recommendation from your manager, cooperation partner, team member or customer tells a lot about their appreciation of you and your performance.


By default, the groups you’re in are in alphabetical order in your profile. Only seven first groups are visible on your profile page and the rest can be seen only by clicking the group link. So think about which groups best support your expertise and your future goals, and make sure they appear first in your profile. You can change the order of your groups in the top menu Interests > Groups > rotary wheel on the upper right hand corner.