You can start your job search online

When you become unemployed, start your job search online at Sign in with your online banking codes or a smart identity card with a chip. Your job search starts immediately when you have answered the questions in the web service and submitted your personal details. If you don’t have online banking codes or a smart id card you can start job seeking only by contacting the TE Office (public employment services) in person.

Things to do:

Register as an unemployed full-time job seeker with the TE Services

  1. Sign in to Own Job Search online at > Own services (only in Finnish and Swedish).
  2. Fill in and send the required information. If you are engaged in entrepreneurial activities (including agriculture or forestry), you have unfinished studies or you already receive employment services, make sure that this is declared in the statement of the TE Services on your situation.
  3. TE Office submits an employment situation statement on your right to unemployment allowance to the unemployment fund or Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. TE Office may also contact you to assess your situation and the services best suited to your needs.
  • The start date of your eligibility to unemployment allowance is, at the earliest, the day in which you registered as an unemployed, full-time job seeker with the TE Office.
  • You lose your unemployment protection for the time being if you don’t register with the TE Office as an unemployed full-time job seeker at the latest within six months from the date of termination of your employment relationship.

Apply for unemployment allowance

  • You can apply for unemployment allowance after two weeks of unemployment at the KOKO fund (earnings-based allowance) or at Kela (basic unemployment allowance/labour market subsidy).
  • You are entitled to earnings-based allowance if you have been an unemployment fund member for at least 26 weeks before you become unemployed and you meet the employment criteria. The employment criteria is met when you have worked for 26 weeks as a member of the fund (a minimum of 18 hours of work/calendar week) and your full-time earnings have been at least at the level of collective agreement provisions or 1 252 euros/month (2021).
  • You have to submit your application to the unemployment fund at the latest within three months from the start date of your eligibility to unemployment allowance (you can complement your application later by attachments and explanatory reports).

Keep you job search valid at the TE Office and your membership valid in the KOKO fund

  • Remember to inform our Member Register at about your changed situation in order to be granted a discount for the unemployed on our membership fee.

Use the member services of The Finnish Business School Graduates

Dismissal often comes as a big shock and unemployment is a major life change. The Finnish Business School Graduates serves its members also during unemployment.