Mentoring takes you forward

Both the mentee and the mentor gain from mentoring. Both parties learn from themselves and their skills and progress towards their goals. Every year, we organise several mentoring programmes in Greater Helsinki Region and elsewhere in Finland. In addition, we offer PopUp mentoring, Student-Graduate mentoring and FastTrack mentoring.

Mentoring programmes for business school graduates

  • Mentoring programme usually takes a year.
  • The programme consists of opening and closing sessions and thematic sessions.
  • The sessions can also take place online.
  • Mentoring tools include a mentoring book and online mentoring material. 
  • The price for mentees is 200 euros, free of charge for mentors.

PopUp mentoring

  • PopUp mentoring means that a mentee-mentor pair or a small group can start the programme anytime in their preferred schedule.
  • In PopUp mentoring, the mentoring pair is supported by online coaching providing the participants with insight and ideas during the process.
  • The price for mentees is 100 euros, free of charge for mentors.

Student-Graduate mentoring

  • Student-Graduate mentoring is organised in several universities.
  • The programme is usually organised by Kylli, the business school student contact person, in cooperation with local business school graduates or student associations, or the university. Ask your Kylli about the upcoming mentoring programmes.
  • Student-Graduate mentoring is free of charge for participants.

FastTrack mentoring

You expand your skills and knowledge by sharing them. Your accumulated experience is valuable. Do you want to share your experiences to another business school graduate?

Join our expert network. You give us permission to give your contact details to a student or graduate member of The Finnish Business School Graduates who is looking for tips and insight for his or her career reflections. You only commit yourself to 1 or 2 phone calls or brief meetings in your role as a FastTrack mentor.