What are the rights to be absent from work due to other family reasons?

Compelling family reason

  • Employees are entitled to temporary absence from work if their immediate presence is necessary because of an unforeseeable illness or accident suffered by their family.
  • An employee must notify the employer of his/her absence and its reason as soon as possible.

Absence to take care of a family member or other close associate

  • If it is necessary for an employee to be absent from work in order to take special care of his/her family member or other close associate, the employer must strive to arrange work so that the employee can take a leave for a fixed term.
  • The employer and employee will agree upon the duration of the leave and other arrangements.
  • Returning to work during an agreed period of absence must be agreed upon between the employer and employee.
  • If agreement cannot be reached on the matter, the employee can, for a justified reason, interrupt the leave by notifying the employer about it a month before returning to work at the latest. 
  • At the employer's request, the employee must present an account of the bases for the absence and its interruption.