Aptitude assessments are used in recruitment

Companies often use aptitude assessments as part of their recruitment process. Normally, an aptitude assessment refers to a test that lasts for a day and consists of several individual tasks. Each competence is approached with at least two indicators, sometimes even three.

Some tasks involve time limits and measure aspects such as ability, skill and insight. Tasks without time limits, in turn, measure different operation methods and styles, such as mindsets and possible motives.

The range of applied methods is extensive: work simulations, presentations, business plan preparation or imaginary development discussions. Functional tasks are performed either alone, in a group or together with a psychologist.

An interview is a central part of aptitude assessment. In a way, the interview glues all pieces together. While other sections answer the questions ‘what' or ‘how', the interview answers the question ‘why'.

You can prepare for an aptitude assessment

In the same way as for a job interview, you can prepare for an aptitude assessment.

  • Relax and rest well before the assessment.
  • Acquire required information on the employer organisation and the position.
  • Reflect on yourself, your competence and what you want to communicate about yourself.
  • Be there on time and be yourself.

You are entitled to receive the results of your aptitude assessment

Subjects of assessment are always entitled to receive their own assessment results. Whether this information is given in writing or orally depends on the practices of the organisation performing the assessment.