Experts can manage complex subject matters and large contexts

Most business school graduates work as experts. As many as 36.6 per cent of our members define themselves as experts.

An expert has an independent responsibility for his or her professional field and often has a thorough knowledge of it. An expert may work at any level of an organisation.

Core competencies of an expert include an ability to manage complex subject matters and large contexts, to constantly learn something new and to seek information. An ability to reflect existing information and to exercise source criticism are other essential skills.

Challenges in expert work

  • appreciation
  • career advancement opportunities
  • salary level

Experts' knowledge and skills are appreciated in working life but an expert often has to struggle for staying in this particular career. Employers should develop more expert career paths so that a competent expert does not have to take a managerial post in order to be promoted. An expert's salary development may also become a problem if the only recognised career path in an organisation is from an expert to a team leader and manager.