What are family leaves intended for baby care?

An employee has a right to take family leave. As a main rule, the duration of these leaves is tied to the maternity, special maternity, paternity and parental benefit periods as referred to in the Sickness Insurance Act. For the maternity, parental or paternity leave period, earnings-based daily allowance or minimum daily allowance is paid. Family leave is a subjective right if related preconditions are met.

Maternity leave is the first family leave

  • A maternity leave can begin 50 weekdays before the baby's expected time of birth at the earliest and 30 weekdays before it at the latest. You can choose the start date for your maternity leave yourself. Weekdays include days from Monday through Saturday, excluding midweek holidays.
  • A mother can take maternity leave until the baby is approximately 4 months old.
  • The length of a maternity leave is 105 weekdays (6 weekdays a week).
  • When your maternity leave begins, you will receive maternity allowance from Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland). If you receive salary during your maternity leave, Kela will pay the maternity allowance to your employer for the concerned period.
  • You must inform your employer about your leave two months before taking it at the latest.

Parental leave is for taking care of the baby

  • After the maternity leave, either the father or the mother can stay on a parental leave with a 3–9-year-old child for 158 weekdays (calculated with 6 days a week).
  • The leave can also be shared between the father and mother.
  • If two or more children are born at a time, the parental leave is extended by 60 weekdays.
  • The parents of an adopted child are also entitled to a parental leave if the child is younger than seven years.

Paternity leave is a father's additional leave

  • After a baby is born, the father can take a paternity leave of 18 weekdays (calculated with 6 days a week) at the same time with the mother.
  • A paternity leave does not have to be taken right after the child's birth; it can be taken anytime during the maternity and parental allowance term.
  • In practice, paternity leave must be taken before the child is approximately 9 months old.
  • If the father also chooses to take at least the last 12 days of a parental leave, he can be entitled to an extra 1–24 days of paternal leave to be taken right after it.
  • The employer must be informed about the leave two months before taking it at the latest.
  • From 1 January 2013 onwards, the length of a paternity leave will be 54 weekdays. Other changes to paternity leaves will also take effect on that date.

Discount on your membership fee during family leave

  • When on a maternity or parental leave, you do not have to pay The Finnish Business School Graduates' membership fee for the unsalaried period.
  • In order to claim the membership fee discount, you must produce us with a copy of the maternity or parental allowance decision you have received from Kela.
  • See how to claim discounts