Interested in labour market issues? - Become a liaison

The Finnish Business School Graduates' liaison activities involve a network of people interested in labour market issues at workplaces. It covers both private and public sectors. The network currently contains more than 500 members.

What is the purpose of liaison activities?

The main task of a liaison is to mediate information between the economists at his/her workplace and the The Finnish Business School Graduates office. When contact people mediate information to us, they can ensure for their own part that we are targeting our measures at the right matters. The post requires just as much work as you want and your own work duties allow.

Employer organisations are strongly steering our agreement system towards local agreement. It is therefore important to have contact people trained in collective industrial bargaining at workplaces.

What is the role of a liaison?

Being a liaison does not entail an official status as a trusted person at the workplace. However, a liaison's duties also prepare a person for any future official positions of trust, i.e. those of a shop steward, an elected representative or a contact person depending on the workplace.

Since liaisons have no official status, no official election proceedings are required to appoint them. A liaison must be our member and his/her collective bargaining must also be managed by The Finnish Business School Graduates.

As regards training, other events and communications, matters are approached from an employee's perspective, and liaison activities are therefore primarily meant for people in employee positions. As for entrepreneurs and people in employer positions, exceptions can nonetheless be made depending on the case or position concerned. Our student members involved in working life or soon to be graduated can also become liaisons. The number of liaisons per workplace has not been limited.

How are liaisons trained?

The Finnish Business School Graduates' annual events directed at liaisons include Training for New Liaisons in the spring and the Labour Market Seminar in the autumn. The training for new liaisons covers the fundamentals of collective industrial bargaining and the objectives of liaison activities. All new liaisons are invited to the training.

Our Labour Market Seminar is targeted at all liaisons and it focuses on the current themes of collective bargaining. In addition to our own experts, the lecturers of the seminar include external top experts in the selected themes.

As requested and needed by the liaisons, other regional training events can also be organised. All training events for liaisons are free of charge.

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