Business school graduates have several options for career advancement

A business school graduates working career is full of different opportunities. A business school education enables you to work in various fields and diverse positions.

Career paths can be opened to different directions. An economist often begins as an expert. Many economists advance from an expert position to supervisory and managerial duties. Approximately a half of our members work as superiors and managers

Seeking a completely different field of business is another option for an economist. Today, many economists also opt for a career as an entrepreneur.

Nowadays, a career rarely means working for a single employer throughout one's working career.  Working careers are getting longer, so it is well possible to have one's career involve a flexible mixture of expert, supervisory and entrepreneurial positions.

Many Finnish companies are going international at a rapid pace. In fact, a number of economists find interesting positions in the different growth centres of the world.

The Finnish Business School Graduates provides coaching for your career and reviews your contracts

When considering the next steps in your economist career, our career coaches will provide coaching for your career considerations and for seeking a new job. Our legal counsels will review your employment contract, director's service contract and international employment contracts.