What kinds of values affect your career choices?

Based on your values, professional competence and personal assets, think about the kinds of duties you would like to have and the kinds of employers you would like to work for. When considering your career options, think about your values.

Which professional field do you find interesting?

  • There is a vast range of options available to economists, such as various positions in the fields of marketing, financial administration, materials economy, general administration and HR.
  • Consider your own options with an open mind and through your experiences, education and interests.

What kinds of duties do you enjoy and which tasks allow you to use your personal assets?

  • Do you wish to provide customer service or otherwise work with people?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?
  • What is your preference between expert, supervisory and project work – or perhaps an appropriate combination of them all.
  • Do you enjoy working in the middle of ongoing changes or rather in stable circumstances?
  • Do you love to perform or can you do without it?
  • What kind of work does justice to your assets?
  • What duties or situations bring out your weaknesses?

Are working hours and workload important factors in your choice of jobs?

  • Would you prefer regular working hours or flexible working hours with a possibility of telework?
  • In your current situation in life, are you willing to travel and work a lot of overtime?
  • Do you enjoy constant rush or wish to have a slower tempo and some time for creative thinking?
  • Are you prepared to be available to your employer 24 hours a day or do you want to separate work and leisure?
  • Does your situation in life or coping at work require that you work shorter hours and have more flexibily?

What are your expectations of a work community and a corporate culture?

  • What kinds of people would you like to work with, what kind of interaction do you expect between colleagues?
  • What kind of leadership do you value and how much support do you hope to receive from your superior?
  • How much do you value investments in personnel well-being?
  • Do you like open-plan offices, teamwork and exchanging ideas, or would you rather work alone in your own room?

Which business sectors do you find interesting?

  • What kinds of products or services would you like to work with?
  • Do you enjoy an international atmosphere and overseas connections or would you rather work with domestic customers and cooperation partners?
  • Are you interested in business operations, social influencing or perhaps working with science or art? Would you like to work in the paper industry, a new media company, a consulting firm, healthcare services or perhaps education?
  • Or are you interested in starting your own business?