What are family leaves intended for taking care of small children? 

Childcare leaves for taking care of a small child include childcare leaves intended for the home care of children under three years of age, partial childcare leaves and temporary childcare leaves for taking care of an ill child.

Childcare leave enables taking care of children at home

  • An employee is entitled to a childcare leave for taking care of his/her child or some other child living permanently in his/her household until the child turns three.
  • Leave can be taken by either the father or the mother, but both parents cannot take childcare leave at the same time. For the duration of a childcare leave, child home care allowance is paid.
  • The municipality may also pay a municipal supplement to the allowance recipient.
  • An employee must inform the employer about a childcare leave two months before taking it at the latest.

Partial childcare leave combines work and home care

  • A parent has a right to a partial childcare leave up to the end of the child's second school year.
  • If the child is covered by the extended compulsory school attendance, partial childcare leave is available until the end of the child's third school year.
  • A parent who shortens his/her working day for childcare will receive partial care allowance.
  • Both parents are entitled to take partial childcare leave during the same calendar period, but not simultaneously.
  • The employee must submit a proposal on the childcare leave to the employer at the latest two months before the leave will begin.

Temporary childcare leave and care leave for an ill child

  • If an employee's child under 10 years of age falls ill, the employee is entitled to temporary childcare leave for a maximum of four working days per illness period in order to arrange for care of the child.

Discount on your membership fee during childcare leave

  • You will receive a 50% discount on your The Finnish Business School Graduates membership fee during childcare leave.
  • In order to claim the membership fee discount, you must produce us with a childcare leave certificate from your employer or a copy of the child home care allowance decision by Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland).
  • See how to claim discounts