Competence development under employment

When employed, you can develop your competence through short-term or long-term continuing education.

Open University

  • Finnish universities provide teaching that is open to all and available to anyone regardless of age, basic training and goals.

Institutions for adult education

  • Training is provided by institutions for non-formal adult education, such as summer universities, folk high schools, adult education centres and study centres.
  • Training offerings for professional and personal development.
  • Based on the principles of lifelong learning, the purpose of non-formal adult education is to promote people's versatile development and well-being as well as the materialisation of democracy, pluralism, sustainable development, multiculturalism and internationality.
  • Non-formal adult education is not degree-oriented and its contents are not regulated by legislation.

Academic postgraduate education in a university

  • Apprenticeship-type continuing education for highly educated people in the scope of 30–60 ECTS credits
  • MBA programmes

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