CV summarises your qualifications for the position

Together with your application, a CV, or Curriculum Vitae, or resumé will reveal why you in particular have the merits for the open position.

A CV includes the following data in a compact form and in the following order:

  • Personal data. In a Finnish CV, it is not necessary to disclose family relations.
  • Your education and training.
  • Your work experience. Information on your most recent work experience should be specified in a few sentences. Especially mention your responsibilities and attainments in the said position. If needed, you can also mention the company's business sector and a few key figures.
  • Language and IT skills.
  • Your hobbies and possible positions of trust. Only mention personal issues that you are also willing to discuss in an interview.
  • Information on referees.

What is a good CV like?

  • A good CV is easy to read and keeps to the point.
  • Only mention issues that are relevant to the applied position.
  • Take the time and effort to ensure that your CV gives a realistic and positive impression of you even on a quick skim.
  • The more important the issue, the earlier you should mention it in your CV.
  • Leave enough air and empty space in your CV; do not tell your whole life story.

A good CV is clearly structured

  • You can start your CV with a summary of your competence.
  • You can also change the order of sections in your CV based on whether the emphasis of your competence is on your work experience or education.
  • Prepare a clear layout for your CV. You can align the time periods of your various positions to one of the sides.
  • You can use bolded fonts for job titles and company names, for example.
  • You should mark time periods in a month's or a year's precision, for example, mm/yy or yyyy.
  • Make sure to leave no unaccounted-for gaps in your CV timeline. If there are gaps, be prepared to discuss what you have done during these periods and how you have perhaps developed yourself.
  • You should know your referees by the time you take an interview. If you want, you can mention the names of your referees at the end of your CV or mention that you will provide their information upon request.
  • A suitable length for a CV is two A4 pages.
  • Prepare a basic body for your CV so that you can update and edit it for each position.
  • A photo is not necessary but recommended. Your basic positive passport photo will add personality and perhaps make your CV more memorable to the employer.

Edit your CV as needed

Today, sending out your application and CV is easy and effortless. Make sure not to submit an unpolished version: prepare your CV with care and accuracy.

You should also prepare a brief, attractive cover letter for an electronically submitted CV. Reserve enough time for writing your CV.

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