Development discussions improve wellbeing at work

Development discussions are regular, confidential discussions between an employee and his or her closest supervisor, and held approximately once a year. The discussion themes include employee's work, targets, competencies and competence development as well as wellbeing at work. Employee's work and personal situation are assessed as a whole, after which conclusions are drawn, recorded and followed-up.

During the discussion, it is a good idea to discuss your competencies, aspirations and interests in a concrete way. If you find it challenging to recognise your own competencies or feel that you would need support in defining your career development plans, you can always contact our Career Counsellors.

How to prepare for a development discussion?


  • An employee typically prepares for a development discussion by filling in a development discussion form.
  • Before the discussion, it is a good idea to go through the strategy of the organisation and your unit's goals and reflect them in respect of your own work and its goals.
  • Prepare to explain how you wish to develop your own skills and what kind of support you get and would like to get from the organisation, your team and the team leader to reach these goals.
  • It is a good idea to openly tell about your own coping and wellbeing at work. Remember to present your views on workplace relationships, working atmosphere and on how to improve it.

Team leader:

  • Prepare yourself carefully for the development discussion and reflect your own role as the employee's support.
  • A successful development discussion gives the team leader valuable information on the employee's competencies, goals, motivation and wellbeing as well as on the overall working atmosphere in the organisation.

What will be discussed in the development discussion?

Work-related targets based on organisation's strategy and unit-based targets

  • core targets and their follow-up
  • prioritisation of tasks

Elements needed to reach targets

  • competence development
  • organisational support/team leader, team, other organisation
  • appropriate working tools

Personal development targets and aspirations

Managing the workload and wellbeing at work (incl. follow-up of sickness absences, paid overtime and flexitime)

  • workload
  • employee relationships at workplace

​Other issues agreed in the development discussion and their follow-up measures

Will salary be discussed in the development discussion?

Salary negotiations can be held during the development discussions or they can be held separately. Prepare yourself carefully for a salary negotiation. You can get up-to-date, comparative data on business school graduates' salaries and other useful advice from our Salary Counselling.