Find out if an employee benefit is profitable

A successful employee benefit induces employee commitment and supports the organisation's strategy. Employee benefits are part of rewarding.

On average, Finnish companies apply 40 employee benefits. Many employee benefits are often not perceived as benefits. Communication related to them may be inadequate. Employment benefits include free beverages in the coffee room, childminders paid by the employer for ill children as well as exercise and culture vouchers.

Most common employee benefits

  • Laptops;
  • Holiday bonuses;
  • Mobile phones and related data communication connections;
  • Employee events and parties;
  • Seniority allowances and celebration day gifts;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Meal benefits / subsidised workplace meals / luncheon vouchers;
  • The opportunity to take unpaid leaves.

Find out the impacts of an employee benefit

Before accepting an employee benefit, you should find out its impacts on taxation and if accepting it makes financial sense. For example, the taxable value of an employee phone is 20 euros a month. Accepting a telephone benefit makes sense if your private telephone use exceeds this taxable value.

Before accepting an employee benefit, also find out if there are any commitments involved. Potential problems usually occur when an employee is leaving a company. For example, according to a company car agreement, an employee may be liable to pay any remaining lease payments for a company car if he/she leaves the company in the middle of the leasing period.