Employment terms are agreed upon in an employment contract

Employment contracts should always be made in writing. If your employer does not propose preparing an employment contract, you should propose it yourself. An oral employment contract is also valid, but it is often difficult to present proof for orally agreed issues in case of dispute.

It is recommended that all agreed employment terms are included in a written employment contract. Employment terms are regulated by law, collective agreements, employment contracts, established practices and the employer's orders.

Key items in an employment contract:

  • Pay, pay period and payday;
  • Working duties and work location;
  • Start day of work;
  • Duration of and basis for a fixed-term employment contract;
  • Working hours and overtime compensation;
  • Compensation for travel time, travel expenses and other expenses;
  • Which collective agreement is applied;
  • Determination of annual leaves and holiday bonus;
  • Possible agreements on non-competition and non-disclosure;
  • Notice period;
  • Read more on matters to be agreed upon in an employment contract

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