The Finnish Business School Graduates has many services to business school graduate entrepreneurs

As a business school graduate entrepreneur you can become our member and enjoy various member services and benefits, including entrepreneur's unemployment insurance. We support business school graduates in different phases of entrepreneurship; from developing a business idea to setting up your company and running its daily business.

Business school graduate entrepreneurs is a growing crop! Join their network in LinkedIn.

The Finnish Business School Graduates promotes academic entrepreneurship

We encourage our members to become entrepreneurs, as a relevant career option. The Finnish Business School Graduates promotes academic entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs' networking and stronger high-growth entrepreneurship in Finland. Our goal is a better entrepreneurial life. The Finnish Business School Graduates' Negotiating Committee on Entrepreneurship is an active promoter of business school graduates' entrepreneurship.

Approximately 3–4 per cent of our members are full-time business school graduate entrepreneurs. Many of them set up their business already when studying and remain part-time entrepreneurs while being employed.

Our entrepreneur members represent a wide spectrum of business school graduate competencies. In addition to solid business skills they are all experts in their respective fields. More than 80 per cent of business school graduate entrepreneurs work in the service sector.

Survey on business school graduate entrepreneurs: taxation and social security are important issues

The results of The Finnish Business School Graduates' survey on business school graduate entrepreneurs in spring 2013 indicate that business school graduate entrepreneurs regard taxation and social security as very important entrepreneurial issues.

Legal counselling, professional training and networking opportunities in our seminars are those services that business school graduate entrepreneurs use the most. In the future, The Finnish Business School Graduates will further focus on these services. Different networking events are also popular among entrepreneurs. The joint The Finnish Business School Graduates and TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland) events on entrepreneurship are successful examples of such events.

A business school graduate entrepreneur is typically an older person who moves into entrepreneurship after having gained skills and expertise as an employee. In the future, we intend to put more emphasis in encouraging young and recently graduated business school graduates to see entrepreneurship as a potential career option.

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