Adult education subsidy can be applied for when taking a study leave

Employees can apply for unpaid study leave for training or studies, provided that certain conditions are met. An employee can take a maximum of two years of study leave during a period of five years when the main employment relationship has lasted for at least a year in one of several periods. The study leave can be taken in one or several periods. Study leave is applied for from the employer in writing.

The Study Leave Act is currently under amendment, which may result in changed criteria based on which leaves are granted and the kinds of training and education it is granted for. During a study leave, the Education Fund may grant you adult education allowance. The amount and duration of the allowance depends on the applicant's working history and income level, among other things. Application forms and guides for adult education allowance as well as further information are available on the Education Fund website and Employment and Economic Development Offices. Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) grants government guarantees for student loans to adult students.

Adult education subsidy

Adult education subsidy can be granted to an adult student who participates in self-motivated professional education or training, is in an employment or civil service relationship or works as an entrepreneur, and

  • has been active in working life for at least 8 years in total;
  • has been employed by his/her current employer or worked as an entrepreneur for at least a year before the subsidised studies begin;
  • takes an uninterrupted unpaid study leave for at least two months or studies in shorter intervals or part-time for a minimum total of 43 days;
  • receives no other subsidy for the studies.

Presentations of adult education subsidy in Finnish and Swedish:

Studying during job alternation leave

  • A job alternation leave refers to an arrangement in which an employee establishes an agreement on a job alternation leave, i.e. a fixed-term absence from work, with his/her employer.
  • The employer must hire an unemployed job seeker as a substitute for the employee taking the alternation leave.
  • If desired, an alternation leave can also be used for studying.
  • Compensation for an alternation leave is applied for from the employee's own unemployment fund (IAET-kassa) or Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland).  Application forms and further information on the eligibility requirements and compensation for alternation leaves are available from the labour administration. (in Finnish)

Grants and scholarships

  • The Centre for International Mobility CIMO offers and transmits grants and scholarships to basic-level students, postgraduates and experts in Finland and abroad.
  • SYL (The National Union of University Students in Finland) maintains a database (in Finnish) for grants and scholarships available to students.
  • The KAUTE Foundation provides financial support for scientific research, education and studies in business and engineering. The foundation primarily offers grants for postgraduate degrees completed in academic higher education institutions for economics and engineering
  • The Foundation for Economic Education (in Finnish) mainly supports research and postgraduate studies in the field of economics.

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