Job alternation leave allows for a break in one's career 

A job alternation leave offers an employee the opportunity to take a longer leave of absence to be used in any way desired. Job alternation leaves can be taken by employees, public servants and office holders alike.

What is a job alternation leave?

  • The minimum duration of a job alternation leave is 100 successive calendar days and the maximum 180 calendar days.
  • A job alternation leave is voluntary.

A written agreement is prepared for a job alternation leave

  • An employee has no unconditional right to a job alternation leave; instead, taking a leave requires that the issue is agreed upon with the employer.
  • An agreement on a job alternation leave must be made in writing.
  • In a job alternation agreement, the employer undertakes to hire a person listed as an unemployed job seeker in the Employment and Economic Development Office for the duration of the leave.
  • The substitute does not have to be hired to the same position which the alternator has occupied.

Other terms and conditions of a job alternation leave:

  • The employee must have been in employment for at least 20 years. The period of time is calculated as referred to in the Employees' Pensions Act.
  • An employment relationship with the same employer must have lasted for a minimum continuous period of 13 months immediately before the beginning of the job alternation leave.
  • Family leaves and military service are considered comparable to employment. However, a maximum of one fourth of the period of time in employment may consist of time comparable to work.
  • The employment relationship must be full-time and valid until further notice, or the employee's working hours must exceed 75 per cent of the working hours of full-time employees in the field.
  • A job alternation leave cannot be taken right after a maternity or parental leave.
  • A person regarded as a full-time entrepreneur as referred to in the Unemployment Security Act cannot take a job alternation leave.

Job alternation allowance is paid during a job alternation leave

  • The amount of the allowance is 70 per cent of the unemployment allowance that the person would be entitled to if unemployed.
  • The allowance is taxable income.
  • You can calculate an estimated amount of unemployment allowance with the daily allowance calculator on the TYJ (The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland ) website.
  • A possible prohibition of competition is effective during a job alternation leave. 

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