What are the trends of job seeking?

The channels and tools of job seeking are under constant development into new directions.

Stay visible even when not actively seeking something new

  • Today, bringing your competence out in various professional communities is easier than before as the social media offer a variety of groups and professional discussion forums.
  • Even the traditional professional communities provide an opportunity to create one's own professional brand.
  • It pays off to stay constantly involved in professional communities – even when not actively seeking a new job.
  • Creating a professional brand or increasing one's digital footprint is too late when under a threat of co-operation procedures.
  • Companies recruit more and more people through their personal contacts. People you know will spread your good reputation even when not doing that yourself. Also keep reciprocity in mind: recommend a solid player when you get the chance.

The importance of social media in recruitment keeps increasing

  • In many ways, the social media form a notable tool for recruitment and job seeking.
  • When actively seeking a job, it is important to enable a potential employer to find your information.
  • In Finland, LinkedIn is the central professional network in social media, but others are on the rise. For example, the Talent Me application on Facebook keeps increasing its popularity.
  • The social media also offer work. Some jobs are only available through the social media, others can also be found in other channels.
  • Have you joined the LinkedIn groups Talent Pool Finland or Uratärpit, for example?
  • Are you seeking jobs with the hashtags #jobs, #tyopaikat or #duunit on Twitter?

CV changes form

  • The most important characteristic of a good CV is a summary of your competence.
  • A traditional CV still meets its purpose, provided that you highlight the benefits of your competence to the potential employer. 
  • A video CV is one of the new ways to present oneself to employers. Employers also compete over the best employees by presenting their operations and career opportunities in presentation videos.
  • Other CV tools are available online. For example, justrecruitme.com,  about.me  and vizualize.me  are websites that allow you to create a unique CV.