How is mentoring implemented in practice?

  • The duration of a mentoring programme is from 6 months to 1 year.
  • Intensive periods are also offered.
  • Non-stop mentoring is also provided, which means that even individual actor–mentor pairs or a small group can begin their activities according to their own schedules with the support of online materials and training.
  • A few programmes are organised annually in the metropolitan area.
  • In other municipalities, mentoring is carried out in cooperation with The Finnish Business School Graduates' member associations.

What does a mentoring programme contain?

  • Kick-off and closing events.
  • The events can also be online training events or teleseminars.
  • The pairs or small groups meet approximately once a month at mutually agreed times.

How is mentoring implemented?

  • A central approach in mentoring is confidential work in pairs or small groups.
  • Small groups can include one mentor and two or more actors.
  • Working methods include discussions, mutually agreed tasks, literature assignments, networking etc.
  • Mentoring can take place personally or virtually.

Which mentoring tools are used?

  • Online mentoring materials
  • Mentoring group on LinkedIn
  • Mentoring guide