Answer to the survey for economics student and win an iPad

26.3.2013 18:32

Dear economics student,

Have your studies met your expectations? What would the future working life be like if it was up to you? How can we make careers longer? Who is an economics student and what is he/she like?

To support its interest supervision activities, SEFE wants to know your thoughts on these topics. In order to affect working life matters that are important to economics students and graduates, our interest supervision must be based on studied knowledge and the needs of our memberbase as a whole.

It only takes about 15 minutes to answer. It would be of utmost importance that as many as possible answer the survey.

Answer to the survey

If the link does not open when clicked, copy it to the address bar of your browser.

All respondents will have the chance to win our raffle prize, iPad and 100 movie tickets.

Your information will not be disclosed to third parties and your contact information will not be associated with your answers. Answers are due by April 4th.

Survey results will be announced through the SEFE community during the spring and the information will be used to support interest supervision and influencing work.