SEFE partners up with Fondia in legal matters

6.5.2013 13:55

The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates SEFE begins cooperation with the legal service provider Fondia. This cooperation aims to further improve and accelerate the legal services provided to SEFE's members.

As a part of this cooperation, Fondia has made its VirtualLawyer service available to SEFE's members. This enables them to use an electronic legal database and a comprehensive document model package and therefore to find clear and explicit answers to legal questions 24 hours a day and seven days a week. SEFE's members can also use Fondia's legal counselling services for a separate fee.

VirtualLawyer to support economists

Fondia provides all SEFE's members free-of-charge access to an electronic legal database compiled and maintained by Fondia's lawyers. From this database, users can find explicit answers to a variety of legal matters they encounter. The VirtualLawyer service covers legal questions from ten most central business jurisprudence fields and includes over 1,700 articles in Finnish and English.

The service is a practical information source for entrepreneurs and the entire personnel alike. VirtualLawyer provides users with an easy access to answers related to agency, dealership, consultancy, commissioning and shareholders' agreements.

In addition to the legal database, Fondia offers SEFE's members over 150 document models with related instructions free of charge to allow SEFE's members to independently create simple legal contracts. The document model package includes templates and instructions for shareholders' agreements, dealership agreements and commission agreements, for example.

The VirtualLawyer service has been available to SEFE's members from 29 April 2013 onwards. To start using the service, go to for an easy registration. In order to register, you will need a campaign code which is available to SEFE's members through the member service.

Reliable expert help

"We started developing this cooperation in a special view of SEFE's entrepreneur members and their needs. The VirtualLawyer service will further complement SEFE's extensive legal employment services to new legal sectors and benefit all SEFE members," Director of SEFE's Legal Unit Jan Degerlund states.

"The free-of-charge legal advice provided by SEFE's legal counsels is very important and valuable to the association's members. We are willing to develop and expand this service together with SEFE in order to further improve the way that the various needs of the members are met," says Janne Ala-Sippola of Fondia.

Further information: The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates SEFE, Jan Degerlund, +358201299243,
Fondia Ltd, Janne Ala-Sippola, +358207205411,