SEFE ry encourages sustainable leadership

28.11.2012 18:23

SEFE ry encourages sustainable leadership

For the economy, growth is of utmost importance. Employer-employee negotiations stigmatize the current news flow. It seems Finland is losing its competitiveness and the labour market does not function properly. This development must be stopped.

Workforce lucky enough to keep their jobs, are forced to cope under increasing pressure. Unpaid overtime has become a common practice. Those with less luck are forced to search for new opportunities, which seem increasingly scarce. Many corporations are caught in action sacrificing sustainability for short-term profits.

The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates, SEFE, sees positive possibilities in leadership and management in order to develop workplace well-being and know-how.

"The sustainable management –project defines how managers can promote social sustainability. We want to develop wealthier forms of management and leadership"- Director Aija Bärlund, 23.11.2012

SEFEs federal assembly is held in Kuopio on 24.11.2012.

Courage increases transparency and trust in organizations.

According to Aija Bärlund, SEFEs function is to speak up for sustainable management and leadership:

"Almost half of our members are in supervisory and management positions. We have an opportunity and obligation to provide information, training and encourage them as leaders. Skilled managers develop a better working life, which also positively affects job security."

SEFE provides guidelines for skills development. Sustainable leadership is about deeper understanding of employee-employer –relations, knowledge of organizational goals and treating people as individual.

Working life requires dialogue and courage

At the same time when the general population is aging, many organizations are faced with lay-offs. The current development endangers the achieved level of dialogue and cooperation. According to the Director of SEFE, Aija Bärlund: "It is easy to lead during easier economic tides. Steering the ship becomes harder in the middle of a storm. Good leadership is especially needed in the middle of a crisis."

Sustainable leadership is important throughout the working life

Sustainable leadership is about the individual's ability to lead oneself.

Sustainable leadership requires good indicators for transparent and fair conduct regarding rewarding. SEFEs goal is to provide appropriate indicators for better leadership in organizations.
Sustainable leadership combines productivity, social and individual perspective, ecological viewpoints and culturally equal environment in organizations.

More information: Director, Aija Bärlund. tel. +358400807320