Wellbeing at work is based on good management

Many different things are included in the concept of wellbeing at work and it is perceived in many different ways.  In this respect, we at The Finnish Business School Graduates focus on sustainable business and sustainable management. Half of our business school graduate members work as managers and team leaders so developing management and team leading are other priority items on our agenda.

Good and sustainable management and team leading are essential elements for wellbeing at work. Employees have the right to know what is expected from their work and how their performance will be measured. They also have to be able to have a say in their work, improve it and develop themselves in it. Employees' different phases and situations in life should be taken into account and, whenever possible, adapt the work requirements to them. Different genders and age groups have to be treated equally.

Occupational Health and Safety Act calls for an assessment of the risks and hazards of workload

Occupational Health and Safety Act has been amended on 1.6.2013. In the amended law, workload, i.e. working hours, is considered as a risk and hazard factor at workplace, similar to working environment and working conditions. The employer must recognise and look into the risks and hazards due to workload, and assess their impact.

Take care of yourself and your competencies

Meaningful work, supportive colleagues, good management and balance in personal life are the key factors for wellbeing at work. It is important to recognise one's own resources and understand their origin. Everybody is responsible for their physical well-being and life management by sleeping enough, eating well and exercising regularly. Take care of yourself and your professional skills, value your relationships and remember to take time for personal interests and hobbies.

Wellbeing at work is made up of:

  • mental and physical wellbeing
  • work-life balance
  • up-to-date competencies for work requirements

Investing in wellbeing at work always pays off

Developing wellbeing at work is a topical issue for most managers, team leaders and employees at many workplaces. Working careers cannot be extended just by raising the retirement age or graduating quicker. People have to feel better at work in order to be able to work longer.

Best ways to promote wellbeing at work are to make sure that the employees perceive their work as meaningful and feel that they can have an impact in its contents and in the ways to do it. Offering development opportunities and some degree of flexibility depending on the employee's life situation are also important factors, not forgetting supportive colleagues and team leaders. 

Rapid changes and growing demands in working life provide new opportunities to develop but can also be unreasonably resource-consuming. Every once in a while, it is a good idea to reflect whether your work feels meaningful and whether it is in balance with your own goals, personal values and life situation. Our Career Counsellors can assist you in these reflections.