On-the-job learning and development

Methods for individual development include work instruction, coaching and mentoring.


During mentoring, an experienced and competent colleague (a mentor), provides support and coaching to a younger protégé who is looking to develop (an actor). It is a process in which experiences, insights and competence are transferred. SEFE maintains a mentoring programme.


Coaching is a confidential results- and development-oriented coaching process in which the coach helps a trainee develop as a person and an individual and utilise his/her full current and prospective potential. This allows the trainee to deploy his/her resources in a way that results in goal attainment.

Work instruction

Work instruction refers to the study, assessment and development of one's own work under the guidance of a trained work instructor. It involves mutual interpretation and analysis of issues, experiences and emotions related to work, a work community and one's own role at work. Work instruction can be given to an individual, a group or an entire work community.

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