Employees can save days off for later from their annual holidays

  • The employee has a right to carry over any portion of his/her annual holiday exceeding 24 days to be taken later.
  • Carrying over annual holiday provides that this does not cause any serious harm to the production and service operations at the workplace. In other words, employers cannot forbid carrying over holiday without a weighty reason. 
  • In addition to a week's winter holiday, the employer and the employee may agree that the employee saves another week, i.e. the portion of the holiday that exceeds 18 weekdays, to be taken as carried-over holiday. This is an arrangement that the employer may deny without any particular reason, however.

How to agree when a carried-over holiday is taken?

  • The employer and employee must aim to agree when the holiday is taken.
  • If agreement is not reached, however, the carried-over holiday must be granted to the employee on the dates he/she decides, but during the following summer holiday season at the earliest. In this event, notification about the dates must be given no later than four months in advance.
  • There are no legal provisions as to the number of holiday credit years from which an employee may carry over holidays or limitations as to when the carried-over holiday must be taken at the latest.

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