The Finnish Business School Graduates provides services for competence development

Competence development is the key to all development and always worth the investment. We offer various services to economists working in different positions.

Together with our member communities, we annually organise hundreds of different events at which you can also network and share your competence with your colleagues. Individual assistance is available from our career coaches and through the mentoring programme, for example.

Competence consists of both professional competence acquired through studies and work and our personal assets, such as the ability to come up with new ideas or think analytically. In order to cope in working life, we must also command adequate working life skills, such as teamwork skills and work community practices.

Age also affects our competence and strengths, but the changes related to aging are highly individual. The assets of young people in the labour market include possession of the latest information in the field, good language skills and IT knowledge. The trumps of an aging employee, on the other hand, include solid professional skills and tacit knowledge, social skills and good work ethics. The ability to learn also remains good at old age.

If you find a disproportion between your competence and the challenges you face at your work, be quick to react and bring the issue up with your superior. Could you perhaps use additional instruction to manage your work? Or should your job description be changed to make your work more interesting and to take your strengths and skills into better use?

Contact information:

Specialist, professional development

Anu Varpenius

tel. +358201299214