Entitlement to a study leave is earned after a year's work

What is a study leave?

  • A study leave refers to a period for which an employer has released an employee from the performance of the duties pertaining to the latter's employment, to enable him/her to pursue training or study.
  • The studies do not have to be related to the employer's activities or the employee's own duties; the studies can be selected freely based on one's own interests as long as they are subject to public supervision.

When is an employee entitled to take study leave?

  • All employees are entitled to take study leave after at least a year's full-time employment.
  • Study leave can be taken for a maximum of two years within a period of five years in one go or several.
  • If an employment relationship has lasted for at least three months but less than a year, the employee is entitled to a study leave of a maximum of five days.
  • Study leaves always apply exclusively to work from which the employee earns his/her main livelihood.

How is study leave used?

  • A study leave is based on the employee's initiative.
  • If the leave lasts for longer than five working days, it must be applied for at least 45 days before beginning the studies.
  • As regards study leaves of less than five days, the notice period is 15 days. The employer and employee can also agree upon other arrangements. 
  • A study leave is an employee's right which the employer can only postpone, not deny. An employer can postpone the starting date of a study leave by a maximum of six months at a time if granting the study leave at the concerned time would cause considerable harm to the employer.

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