What is a sustainable leader like?

Leadership must be given time. In Finnish working life, managers and superiors often wear two hats: those of an expert and a superior. Expert duties often take time away from leadership, and yet supervisory duties should be prioritised as a leader is a servant to his/her own team.

Sustainable leadership also requires knowledge of working life rules and compliance with them. The Finnish labour legislation sets down the principles to be applied. The starting point is formed by the organisation's own goals and values that are based on working life principles.

Leaders need more courage

Sustainable leadership requires the courage to welcome challenges, encounter one's own subordinates and remain a superior even in difficult situations. It is easier to be a leader when the company is doing well. In a reorganisation situation, sustainable leadership is put into real test. A sustainable leader must bring the jointly agreed company values into everyday operations and practices.

As an operating model, sustainable leadership gives the personnel courage to express themselves in matters related to their own work and the development of the work community as well as to make choices. Nowadays, superiors are expected to provide coaching and feedback instead of keeping watch.
Sustainable leadership is demanding on a leader. A superior sets an example to others, motivates and encourages his/her employees and takes them into account as individuals.

Many of The Finnish business school graduates' members work in managerial and supervisory positions

Half of The Finnish Business School Graduates' economist members work as managers and superiors. Therefore, The Finnish Business School Graduates has an especially strong focus on the development of managerial and supervisory work. The Finnish Business School Graduates affects leadership and supervisory competence also by influencing the contents of university-level education in economics and business administration.

It is in the best interests of The Finnish Business School Graduates' members that society and companies are doing well and that as many Finnish jobs are preserved as possible. Economists form a group that can, for its own part, change Finland for the better. There is call for sustainable management in society, companies and individuals alike.