Telework facilitates the coordination of family life and work

To many, voluntary telework offers welcome flebility, as the time usually spent commuting can be spent on something else on telework days. Telework also facilitates the coordination of work, family life and other spheres of life.

If telework is carried out regularly or often, it is advised that a written agreement be made on it.  This leaves no room for argument on the agreed issues and terms in retrospect.

What is telework?

  • Telework refers to a flexible, voluntary work organisation method.
  • The work is performed at the most effective and appropriate location with regard to the employee, the employer and the task at hand.
  • Telework is carried out outside the workplace, e.g. at home, at a holiday house or on the move while travelling.
  • Not all work carried out outside the employer's premises due to the nature of the work can be classified at telework. This kind of work includes mobile work, such as sales work requiring customer visits.

Teleworkers are entitled to normal employment terms

  • Labour legislation and collective agreements are applied to telework performed under employment. This means that teleworkers are taken into account when calculating the personnel numbers of companies according to the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings, for example.
  • Teleworkers are also covered by statutory occupational healthcare and employment-related social security.
  • The stipulations of collective agreements on, for example, paid maternity leaves, holiday bonuses and sick leaves, are applied to teleworkers.

Terms and conditions of telework agreed in framework agreement

  • The terms and conditions of telework have been agreed upon at the European level in a framework agreement on telework.
  • The framework agreement is observed when establishing telework-related agreements between employers and teleworkers in the private and public sectors.

Written agreement on telework recommended

  • It is advised that telework agreements always be made in writing. 
  • The framework agreement can be used as a basis when agreeing upon telework in collective agreements and collective agreements for public servants.

See what should be agreed upon in a telework agreement

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