The Finnish Business School Graduates provides services in situations of dismissal

An employment relationship may end in many ways and in various circumstances. An employer can give notice either due to a reason attributable to the employee or due to financial or production reasons. In severe cases of neglect, an employer may even terminate an employment contract.

Whatever the situation, the employer must provide grounds for the dismissal as required by law. If needed, our legal counsels will provide services.

A dismissal is often a great shock and unemployment is a significant change in life. The Finnish Business School Graduates also serves its members in situations of dismissal. The Finnish Business School Graduates' legal counsels provide employment counselling, our advisor for unemployment security provides assistance with matters related to unemployment security and career coaches provide coaching for seeking a new job. The Finnish Business School Graduates offers a membership fee discount for unemployed members.

Immediately report to the TE-services

Immediately report to the TE-services as a job seeker for full-time employment, on the first day of unemployment at the latest. Unemployment is only considered to have begun on the day on which you report as a job seeker.

Please note that if you agree upon the termination of your employment relationship with your employer and sign a so-called severance package agreement, you will not be entitled to the supplementary allowances of unemployment security. The supplementary allowances include the earnings element of transition assistance for 200 days and the supplemented earnings-related unemployment allowance for 100 days. You will not be entitled to supplementary allowances even if the company had held co-operation negotiations or if financial or production reasons apply. 

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