When can a holiday be taken?

An employee can present desired dates for his/her holiday, but the employer makes the final decision within the limits of the holiday season. Employees can save days off for later from their annual holidays.

  • An employer must give an employee the chance to present desired dates for holiday, but the final decision on the holiday dates resides with the employer within the limits of the holiday season.
  • A total of 24 weekdays of the annual holiday must be taken in the holiday season, i.e. between 2 May and 30 September.
  • Any holiday accrued in excess of these 24 days must be granted as winter holiday between 1 October and 30 April.
  • As a main rule, both summer and winter holidays must be granted as uninterrupted periods.
  • With the employee's consent or for work continuity reasons, the portion of the summer holiday exceeding 12 weekdays can be divided into one or several parts.
  • Winter holiday can only be divided with the employee's consent.
  • You can also save days off, i.e. carried-over holiday entitlement, to be taken later.Should an employee have accrued unused annual holidays upon the termination of his/her employment, they will be paid as holiday compensation in the final salary payment.