Network and make a defference as a trusted person

More than 300 trusted persons work in the various bodies and regional member associations of The Finnish Business School Graduates. People who occupy various positions of trust within our community have validated their interest in the activities with the opportunities to influence and as a means to network. Many consider their post as a trusted person to be pure recreation.

Join your local association activities

Association activities offer you an opportunity to meet other members and influential people in your region. Join the activities of your local economist association or student community! By joining forces, we can develop versatile activities and make the associations just as active as their members want to be.

Want to contribute through Board or committees?

The term of The Finnish Business School Graduate's Board and the committees operating under it is two years. The next application process takes place in autumn 2015. We will keep you informed of the application period through newsletters for members and our website.

Separate application proceedings are organised for the boards of the regional member associations. If you are interested in joining member association activities, do not hesitate to contact the board of your local association.

Contact information:

Organizational Services

Tuuli Marttila

tel. +358201299277