Unemployed members receive discount on their membership fees

If you become unemployed, The Finnish Business School Graduates offers you a 70 per cent discount on your membership fee. You must notify our membership register about your unemployment and produce a related certificate.

Notification about unemployment

The basis and start date of a membership fee discount must be notified in writing and a certificate produced for it.  The certificate means a copy of the payment notification for your latest daily allowance or a certificate on your status as an unemployed job seeker from the TE-services.

The notification and certificate are produced to the membership register:

  • jasenrekisteri@ekonomit.fi
  • by letter: The Finnish Business School Graduates, jäsenrekisteri, Ratavartijankatu 2, 00520 Helsinki.

Discount calculation bases

  • During unemployment, you will receive a 70 per cent discount on your membership fee. Your economist association's own fee is added to membership fee.
  • Membership fee discounts are calculated on a monthly basis and granted for a year at a time. The discount basis must be valid for three months straight; three months is also the minimum duration of the discount. If you join in the middle of the year, you will only pay the remaining part of the membership fee for the calendar year.
  • Discounts can only be granted retrospectively for present year membership fees, with the exception of continuous spouse and pensioner discounts which take effect from the beginning of the following calendar month from the notification at the earliest.

Contact information:

The Finnish Business School Graduates Membership Register
tel. +35820693200, from 9:00 to 12:00