Work trips by The Finnish Business School Graduates' members

  • On average, our members travel on business 34 days a year.
  • Approximately half of the members have travelled less than eight times over the past year.
  • Four out of five have had 20 or fewer work trips.
  • Most trips abroad are taken to Europe (84%). The second most common destination is Asia.
  • Most work-related trips abroad concern company-internal meetings.
  • Stressfulness is caused by time differences, the time spent on travelling as well as health and safety risks.
  • As the most positive aspects of work-related trips abroad, the respondents listed variety in work tasks, competence development and visiting pleasant destinations.
  • Employers are not found to provide much support to employers who travel on business. For example, respondents were hoping for flexibility in working hours and specified instructions on travel times.

(Source: Work-related travelling abroad and well-being –survey to The Finnish Business School Graduates' members, 2011)

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