Working life equality requires action from women and employers

The Finnish Business School Graduates works for better equality in working life and encourages women to be brave. We also strive to narrow down discrepancies in salaries and parental leaves.

Finnish working life is still far from equal. For example, the differences in salaries received and family leaves taken prove that women's standing calls for significant improvement. Improvements are needed regardless of the fact that gender equality is generally acknowledged as an important basic value in Finnish working life.

An equal number of men and women graduate with equal grades in the commercial field, but when entering working life, equality has already vanished. Among other defects, business school graduates encounter inequality in terms of salaries.

The Finnish Business School Graduates recommends that women present salary requests that correspond to their competence and share their family responsibilities. The Finnish Business School Graduates promotes the development of equality plans and related salary surveys as well as improving the usability of these plans.

See how you can promote equality at your own workplace and on your own time, and check to see how equal you actually are.

The Equality Act requires that employers with at least 30 employees prepare an equality plan. Salary surveys form a statutory element in the plan.

Deficient equality disadvantages women at workplaces 

Most female business school graduates also experience deficient equality in their everyday lives. 56 per cent of female business school graduates find deficiencies in the realisation of equality at their workplaces. This is revealed by the results of The Finnish Business School Graduates' Equality Survey 2012.

Women find working life attitudes to be old-fashioned and career advancement to be more difficult for them than it is for men. Furthermore, women feel that they are doing a better job than their male colleagues and even correcting their errors. 

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