Congratulations on your graduation! Ensure the continuation of your membership of Suomen Ekonomit

After graduation, you can switch to a full membership with a -50% discount on the membership fee for the next 24 months. Even without the discount, is one of the lowest among similar organisations.

An education in business is a huge advantage in working life. We will make sure that your professional expertise will continue to be valued. We provide you with services that help you succeed and find your own path.

Graduation gift

We want to reward every newly graduated business student with an exclusive graduation gift.

You can choose a gift from our gift shop, and it will be posted to the address of your choice. 

You will receive a gift voucher from our gift shop by 11am the next day, once you have confirmed your graduation date with us on eLounge. If you become a member of Suomen Ekonomit upon graduation, you can choose a graduation gift from a wider selection of gifts. If you do not join Suomen Ekonomit, you will receive one gift option.

Check out the range of gifts below and become a member!

As a member, you gain:

A springboard and safety for your career

  • career services that help you excel at job seeking and find your own path
  • legal advice 
  • services for current and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • KOKO unemployment fund

Better wage development

  • Salary Radar for screening current pay levels based on experience, municipality and field, among other factors
  • Collective agreements which we negotiate for our members and which yield a significant portion of our members’ pay raises

Solutions for developing competence

  • training courses on a variety of topics both live and online + webinar archive
  • mentoring programme
  • benefits on business magazines and trade journals

Valuable membership discounts

  • benefits on banking services (e.g. housing loan) and insurance policies
  • plenty of other discounts related to travel, leisure and wellness, for example

Better working life

  • The more of us there are, the more impact we can have: as a member, you will contribute to the voice of international business experts being heard in society.
  • We influence work practices that are important to international experts.
  • We promote equality, non-discrimination and diversity in working life.
  • We influence legislation and strive to eliminate work practices that hinder the success of our members, such as unnecessary non-competition agreements and excessive workloads.

Operations of local associations

As a member of Suomen Ekonomit, you are also a member of your local association for business school graduates. Local associations organise a variety of programming from laid-back recreational activities to events promoting professional development. The activities of the local associations provide an opportunity to learn about the local business school graduates or build a strong network.

A 50% discount for new members

If you become a member upon graduation, you will gain a 50% discount on the membership fee for the first two years.